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You’re Go-to Source for All Your Modifier Coding Needs: HCPCS, Lab, E/M, Surgical, Anesthesia & More

Don’t make the crucial mistake of assigning the wrong modifiers to CPT® and HCPCS codes. Clear up modifier confusion to avoid claim denials and partial payments, and earn the reimbursement you deserve.

Are you wondering how to use E/M modifiers 24, 25, or 27, when to assign 33 for screenings, or the differences between 51 or 59? Are you hoping to capture more reimbursement for modifier 22? Do you know when to use assistant surgeon modifiers 80, 81, and 82?

The Modifier Coding Handbook has all the answers you need! Brought to you by The Coding Institute, our how-to modifier guide is packed with critical information you need to decide when to use specific modifiers. Plus you’ll get expert answers to common readers’ questions and learn how to assign the most challenging modifiers.

Here are some of the hot topics included in the Modifier Coding Handbook:

  • Look for opportunities to use X modifiers in place of 59.
  • Surprise! Modifier 59 for repeat procedures may not fly.
  • Brush up on 5 coronary modifiers.
  • Use severity modifiers with physiotherapy treatment to complete coding.
  • Reduce denials with correct use of modifier 50.
  • Dispel 5 modifier 24 myths.
  • Replace confusion with expertise when using modifier 57.
  • Explore these modifier 78 possibilities when addressing surgical complications.
  • Use this 4 step plan to justify reporting modifier 23.
  • Recognize 2 lab modifiers to capture same-day test payment.
  • Grab modifier GG for mammogram screening and diagnostic in same day.

That’s not all! To help you keep abreast of the latest modifier changes, we have an all-new 2016 Supplement for your Modifier Coding handbook, which comes with over 30 articles and readers’ questions covering the ins and outs of using E/M modifiers for postop and prolonged services, decisions for surgery, team surgeries, and multiple outpatient E/M services. Find out when to report the modifier for mandated services and the latest news on reporting modifiers for radiology and lab.

Check out some of the hot topics in 2016 Supplement:

  • Use modifier 27 on multiple outpatient E/Ms.
  • CPT® 2016: Learn new prolonged services codes, and master ‘team’ coding.
  • Coding return E/Ms for similar injuries.
  • Multiple procedures: Focus on debridement types before adding 59.
  • Consider finger/toe, 51 modifiers when provider fixes cut, or splints finger.
  • Flu testing: Include 59 when providers test for 2 flu strains.
  • HCPCS modifiers new for 2016.
  • Put post-op surgeries into focus with 78, 79.
  • Catastrophe/disasters: Prepare for the worst with modifier CR smarts.
  • Note new POS to nail ‘off-campus’ coding.
  • And much more!

Simplify modifier use and stay on track for correct reimbursement in 2016 using our comprehensive Modifier Coding Handbook.

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