TCI’s Medical Billing and Coding Books

Expert Guidance and Top Value

Our team of expert medical coders, instructors, and auditors is committed to helping you advance your knowledge of medical coding, medical billing, reimbursement, and compliance and ensure optimal, ethical revenue.

TCI offers a full range of medical coding books, including medical coding manuals for diagnosis and procedure coding, specialty-specific coding handbooks, and training books covering coding, billing, reimbursement, payer regulations, contracting, compliance, and healthcare industry trends and changes. Many books’ features include expert advice written in a conversational tone to keep you engaged, real-world scenarios and examples, practice exercises, notes margins, learning aids, authoritative coding guidance and tips, colorful anatomical illustrations, coding alerts to guide you to the right codes, and numerous bonus features to ensure optimal revenue.

Healthcare providers and professionals, as well as post-secondary instructors and program directors, rely on TCI’s best-selling books year after year to prepare their teams for industry success.