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Dino Kanelos.

"I use the Family Practice Coding Alert to check on my coding. My per-patient, per-charge has definitely increased. It keeps me up-to-date on new things, which is great, and it gives good resources online to help."

Becky Baker.

"The publications are very informative and helpful with billing. I especially like the You Be the Coder section and that it is specialty specific."

Pulmonology Coding Alert

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Pulmonology Coding Alert

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Product Description

Overcome your top 2014 Pulmonology coding challenges with Pulmonology Coding Alert – the ultimate resource that provides expert advice and time-tested solutions!

As 2014 moves to the mid-year mark, pulmonology practices are grappling with CPT® and fee schedule changes, all while having to track areas that RACs, payers, and the OIG are most likely to audit.

As a pulmonology coding specialist, you know that the success of your practice depends on the reimbursement you can bring in. But the complexities of getting that reimbursement this year from services like allergy immunotherapy, polysomnography with E/M, critical care, flu vaccines and pneumothorax procedures are such that it’s no wonder so many claims are denied.

Being ready with the right tools to tackle your work can make a difference. Make your job easier and your claims more successful with the Pulmonology Coding Alert.

Here’s a sample of the topics we’ve covered in recent issues of Pulmonology Coding Alert:

  • Check Out 5 Reasons You May Not Be Getting Paid for Lung Function Tests
  • Look to CCI 20.0 Before Reporting PFTs With E/M Service Codes
  • Get Set For Fresh Edits Bundling Allergy Immunotherapy and E/M Codes
  • Navigate Your Way to ENB Reporting Success With This Expert Advice
  • Shift Your Focus on ABG For Apt Reporting of Acute or Chronic Respiratory Failure
  • What is the Correct Way to Report Allergy Shots for Patients Receiving Multiple Injections?
  • Don’t Fret Over Capturing Spirometry With Inhalation Therapy
  • Understand the Billing Difference Between Tracheobronchoscopy and Endotracheal Tube Bronchoscopy
  • Recoil from 3 myths obscuring sarcoidosis coding
  • 4 tips on spontaneous pneumothorax diagnoses reporting
  • Glean distinct reporting options for hemothorax
  • Know what  home sleep test codes to use, depending on payer
  • Avoid confusion over reporting xolair administration
  • Hit the spot on fiducial marker placement reporting with this guidance.
  • Cue into the right method of billing out EBUS with TBNA.
  • Clear the way to accurate bronchial valve reporting with this advice.

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