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Dino Kanelos.

"I use the Family Practice Coding Alert to check on my coding. My per-patient, per-charge has definitely increased. It keeps me up-to-date on new things, which is great, and it gives good resources online to help."

Joyce Elmore.

"These publications are great! They are very up-to-date. Our company assists practices with coding in over 44 different states and these newsletters are wonderful. They are outstanding!"

About SuperCoder.com

SuperCoder.com is dedicated to providing tools, information, and advice to help coders and billers reduce denials, ethically maximize reimbursement, and side-step audit-triggers.

Inspired by Coders, Built by Coding Experts

SuperCoder.com was built from start to finish with coders and billers in mind. An entire team of coding professionals, experts, and consultants is behind each of the products that you will find on our site. We strive to provide time-saving and accuracy-boosting tools to help you code more precisely in less time.

A Brand More than 60 years in the Making

SuperCoder.com is an affiliated brand of Coding Institute, LLC. With roots going back to 1947, Coding Institute is well-known in the industry for providing trust-worthy guidance and sure-fire strategies for a more profitable practice through Specialty Coding Alerts, SuperCoder.com, and Audio-Educator.

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