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Joyce Elmore.

"These publications are great! They are very up-to-date. Our company assists practices with coding in over 44 different states and these newsletters are wonderful. They are outstanding!"

Barbara Dagney, practice manager, Conn..

"I would never have an office go without it,” she says. “It’s not worth not joining for the price. I totally swear by it. It is fantastic. I would take anything else, and I would tell people to stuff it. I’ve read these things from beginning to end, and we always look forward to the next one out."

Get everything you need to know about the specialty specific codes with wide range of following Illustrated Guides.

These are your ultimate medical coding books with 100's of pages of accuracy-boosting code details just for your specialty.Now, get all the translation, modifier, compliance, complete information on 2014 CPT® codes, HCPCS, ICD-9-CM and reimbursement tools you need on 1 page saving you time & curtailing costly mistakes.

These 2013/2014 medical coding books will even provide tips from our coding veterans to help you perfect your coding choices, maximize your revenue, and steer clear of audit time-bombs. Plus! Anatomical Illustrations and step-by-step coding tips from the experts at The Coding Institute.

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