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Ophthalmology Coding Alert

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Ophthalmology Coding Alert

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Product Description

Taking small steps now to accustom yourself and your physicians to for the changes this year means that you’ll be ahead of the game by filing clean, compliant claims in 2014 with all-new Ophthalmology Coding Alert!

Getting the reimbursement your ophthalmology practice is due has never been more important – or challenging. Even the most skilled practices will have a tough time keeping up with 2014 CPT® changes, ongoing CCI edits, and payer policy updates. For example, treating ophthalmic emergencies in the office is difficult — so you deserved better payment. Unfortunately, that’s not always the way Medicare sees it; it has strict rules for coding ophthalmic emergencies in the office. Moreover, we all know how difficult to code for various eye muscles involved in strabismus surgery. With 12 ocular muscles to keep track of, one simple coding mistake could cost your practice hundreds of dollars, unless you know the ropes.

Whether you’re facing a report for simple refractions or billing for shared postoperative management after complex cataract surgery, you know ophthalmology coding has its own hazards on the road to accurate claims and reimbursement.

Master the art of identifying and avoiding these dangers by adding Ophthalmology Coding Alert. to your coding toolbox. Every issue is jam-packed with strategies from ophthalmology coding professionals, focused on boosting your precision, compliance, and speed.

Take a look at just some of what you can look forward to:

  • Gonioscopy: 92020 FAQ: Watch Bilateral Status, Diagnoses for Gonioscopy.
  • AMD: 3 Tips Lead to Foolproof Coding for Macular Degeneration Cases.
  • FBR: Don't Be Blind to 3 Factors When Coding Ocular Foreign Body Removals.
  • Part B Mythbuster: Check Out These Top 5 ABN Myths.
  • Cataract Surgery: 3 Scenarios Help Focus Your Cataract Coding.
  • ICD-9 Coding: Vague Complaints Don't Have to Mean Vague Coding.
  • CCI: Edits Direct You to Steer Clear of Reporting E/M With Many Procedure.
  • Strabismus: With Almost $190 at Stake, Don't Miss This Bilateral Strabismus Coding Advice.
  • E/M Coding: Take Steps to MDM Determination Success -- Every Time.
  • Compliance: Watch for Extra Scrutiny of Your Ophthalmological Services.
  • CPT®: Watch For Anterior Segment Photography, Paracentesis Changes.
  • Evaluations: Determine the Difference Between Intermediate and Comprehensive Exams.
  • Documentation: Avoid Billing E/M Service Based on Cloned Documentation, Or the OIG Will Come Knocking.
  • EHR: Does Your Electronic Prescription System Pass Muster?
  • Denial Management: Avoid Claim Rejections by Checking Practitioner Specialty Code.
  • E/M Coding: Translate the Alphabet Soup of E/M Coding With These 5 FAQs.
  • ICD-10: Your ICD-10 Transition Plan Should Encompass 6 Phases, Expert Says.
  • HIPAA: With Audits Heating Up, Is Your Practice Ready?

Plus, you also get FREE access to a treasure trove of incredible resources worth over $300 – At No Extra Cost:

  • SuperCoder’s Specialty Alert Archive
    E-Subscription and E-Subscription + Print subscribers will also have access to a keyword-searchable database of your newsletter content on SuperCoder.com. This allows you to look up and review more than 170 archived issues of Ophthalmology Coding Alert. A $199.95 value.
  • SuperCoder’s Webinar Archive (6 AAPC-approved CEUs)
    Join The Coding Institute’s staff as they walk you through the top coding changes. Get access to our SuperCoder webinars (current and archived) to clear your coding hurdles and earn 6 AAPC- approved CEUs.
  • Up to 24 AAPC-approved CEUs per year
    Meet your annual CEU requirements without travelling. You can earn up to 6 CEUs simply by passing the short quizzes for your newsletters. You can earn 12 more CEUs by subscribing to our FREE biweekly coding newsletter, SuperCoder Bolt. Plus, 6 more CEUs from SuperCoder’s webinars. That’s a $79 value.
  • 5 AHIMA-approved CEUs
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Subscribe now to Ophthalmology Coding Alert for just $199.95 and get most reliable, accurate, and timely ophthalmology coding information available!

And, as always, you are protected by our 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. You have nothing to lose and a wealth of coding and compliance knowledge to gain. So call 1-800-508-2582 today to start receiving all of the answers you will ever need.

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