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Clear, Concise and Timely Advice on Physical Medicine and Rehab Coding Issues.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Coding Alert helps you tackle your most difficult rehab issues. From coding for physical therapy units to avoiding common aftercare coding mistakes, Physical Medicine & Rehab Coding Alert walks you through the toughest therapy dilemmas, compliance pitfalls, and coding issues so you’re on track.

Plus, the Alert’s physical medicine and rehab coding articles help you get up a leg up on all the coding and compliance updates you must keep track of — CPT®, PQRS, ICD-10, the IRF PPS rule, and more!

Check out some of the hot topics recently covered:

  • RUG-IV: Prevent Potentially Disastrous Reimbursement Issues
  • Know 2015 PQRS Requirements Like the Back of Your Hand
  • Dodge these Pitfalls to Remain On Top with Pulmonary Rehab Reimbursement
  • ICD-10: Get a Big-Picture Rundown of ICD-10 Prep
  • SNF Therapy: Use New Policy Changes to Your Advantage
  • Home Health Therapy: CMS Ditches Visit-Based Reassessment Timeline
  • Final 2015 Per-Visit Amounts For Home Health LUPAs and Outliers
  • Gauge the 'IMPACT' of New Post-Acute Care Standardization Law
  • Track the Latest Telehealth Trends Heating Up the Rehab Scene
  • Severity Modifier Coding: Solidify Your Physiotherapy Coding Knowledge
  • Protect Your Organization From Breach Risks
  • Rehab Could Land New Opportunity With COT OMRA Proposal
  • Know When To Combine The 30 Day Assessment With a COT
  • Keep Track Of Functional Limitation G Codes
  • Acute Rehab: Are Inappropriate Referrals Bogging You Down?
  • And much more…

Every issue brings you the definitive word on changes to outpatient coding and billing procedures, inpatient PPS, finance trends, cutting-edge technologies, and new market opportunities.

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