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Get Complete Coverage of the Latest Medicare Compliance and Reimbursement News.

Many medical practices are already facing substantial reimbursement challenges, and 2015 is looking to be even tougher. You’re already coping with uncertainty about how healthcare reform will affect your bottom line. And now you have more payment details to master this year if you hope to secure accurate reimbursement. From billing for chronic care management services to working out specialist payment arrangements, the complexities keep growing.

Plus, you’ll also have a host of compliance requirements to keep up with, including demystifying PQRS, adequately documenting medical necessity, and following payer updates for incident-to billing.

Additionally, CMS is using new authorities created by the Affordable Care Act to crack down on Medicare fraud. Recent audits and the penalties being enforced by CMS prove you need a comprehensive resource by your side to answer your reimbursement and documentation questions. With economic problems already forcing healthcare settings across the country to slide into the red, you need guidance you can trust.

How can you ensure you stay updated with all the major developments that affect your healthcare system in 2015?

That’s where Medicare Compliance & Reimbursement can help you.

For more than 16 years, Medicare Compliance & Reimbursement has helped thousands of healthcare providers tackle Medicare policy and reimbursement issues. Twice a month, you’ll get independent, expert guidance on the reimbursement issues that matter to you most. We’ll tell you in plain English what you need to watch out for and how to get your full deserved pay.

Here’s a sample of what we’ve covered in recent issues of Medicare Compliance & Reimbursement:

  • Screening Colonoscopies - Changes in Patient's Liability - Some Good Some Bad
  • 2015 CMS Fee Schedule Updates
  • Provider Based Clinics - Medicare's Proposal for a New Place of Service - Why and What are the Implications
  • Provisions Relating to Implementation of Separate Payment for Chronic Care Management Services.
  • Improper payments—Evaluation and Management Services
  • Limited Compliance with Medicare’s Home Health Face-to-Face documentation Requirements
  • Process for Added Transparency in Development of Payment Rates
  • Usage of  Modifier 59.
  • Global Surgery - What Changes Are in the Near Future
  • Colonoscopy in 2015 - Why New G Codes are Required
  • HHPPS Proposed Rule Could Make Your Life A Little Easier
  • Medicare Enrollment Process Through the Use of the Various CMS-855 Forms
  • CMS and MAC Critical Care Documentation Guidelines
  • Proposed Changes for NPPs
  • Strategies to Avert PECOS Edit Losses
  • Ask Payer Preference for Modifier 91 vs. 59
  • Wondering Why Your PQRS Payment Is Low? Look at Sequestration
  • Don't Hesitate to Enroll in the PQRS and EHR Incentive Programs
  • New Quick Settlement Option from CMS
  • Compliance: Stay on the Right Side of Your Next Audit with These 3 Lessons
  • Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT)
  • Whom Do You Bill for Record Transfer Fees?
  • Tighten Up Documentation, Correct Modifier Use - Says OIG
  • ABN Myths - Eliminate All Scope Of Error With Guidance From CMS.
  • Part B Payment: Watch for Coding Changes in 2015 Physician Fee Schedule
  • Medicare’s Rules on Shared Visits & License Requirements/Scope of Practice
  • Billing Spotlight: Find Your Path To Accurate Reimbursement for SNF Patients
  • What Are the Auditors Looking For: Authentication, Contradictions, Wording or Grammatical Errors, Medically Implausible Documentation
  • Risk assessment - What are your Compliance Risks When it Comes to Utilizing Mid-Level Providers?
  • Understand the Process of Obtaining and Maintaining Billing Privileges for Medicare
  • EHR Myths That Could Be Setting You Up for Payer Audits
  • Medicare's Documentation Guidelines for Establishing Medical Necessity
  • Incident-to-Services and “Incident-To” Criteria Per CMS
  • Industry Notes: CMS Keeps Part B Deductibles at Same Level, Though Part A Rises
  • HHPPS: Improve Outcomes or Put Your Reimbursement at Risk
  • And Much More…


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