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Everything You Need to Know About ED coding and Reimbursement - in Just 20 Minutes a Month!

Thousands of successful coders have discovered the secret to accurate coding —ED Coding and Reimbursement Alert. This monthly newsletter is the secret weapon that will give you insider tips and tools so you can take advantage of the latest revenue opportunities and avoid compliance issues. Every issue of ED Coding and Reimbursement Alert is chock-full of insider tips, sample forms, and handy cheat-sheets to help you file cleaner, more accurate claims in half the time! 

Take a look at some of the topics covered in the most recent issue of ED Coding and Reimbursement Alert:

  • Probe carefully to ethically maximize ultrasound reimbursement.
  • Look closely at the documentation for these clues to determine the right code.
  • Is this a loose interpretation of a laceration repair?
  • Separate documentation key to correct modifier 25 claim coding.
  • PQRS 2015 — Check out the emergency medicine reporting PQRS cluster.
  • “X” marks the spot with new HCPCS modifiers to identify a distinct service
  • Is it really a complex repair? Check the note to verify it matches the physicians’ description of the wound.


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