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Sherri Parks.

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Double-Check Your Revalidation Status

If you didn’t receive a request letter from your MAC and think you don’t have to worry about revalidating your Medicare enrollment now, you might want to double-check — or face losing your Medicare billing privileges.

You can look for your name on CMS’s revalidation list online at www.CMS.gov/MedicareProviderSupEnroll/11_Revalidations.asp, the agency says in a new listserv message to providers. CMS will post revalidation letters sent in February some time this month.

It’s not too late: All is not lost if you missed HHH MAC CGS’s February revalidation deadline. "If you have not submitted your revalidation information, you are still able to request a one time 60-day extension," CGS says in its March newsletter for providers. "The 60 day extension will begin the day the extension request is received." Details on how to submit the request are available at www.cgsmedicare.com/hhh/pubs/news/2012/0312/WR534.html.