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Medicare Compliance & Reimbursement

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Medicare Compliance & Reimbursement

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This year, you’ll want to make sure you button up your E/M documentation, because the OIG has released its long-awaited 2014 Work Plan – which includes plans to review Medicare claims for everything from anaesthesia to place of service coding and beyond.

Many medical practices are already facing substantial reimbursement challenges, and this year is looking to be even tougher. The challenges presented by health care reforms, rising costs, and increased federal scrutiny can affect your organization’s bottom line. You’ll have a host of compliance requirements to keep up with, including PQRS, documenting adequately for medical necessity, and following payer updates for incident-to billing.

The uneasiness that surrounds the latest payment system refinements and pay for performance have increased the need for medical practices to minimize risks, recoup all deserved pay, apply cost savings and seek revenue growth opportunities to stay afloat.

For more than 15 years, Medicare Compliance & Reimbursement is providing all the latest updates and guidance twice a month on a wide range of topics, including latest Medicare Fee Schedule updates, ways to avoid Stark penalties, F2F documentation requirements, and much, much more.

Take a look at some of the topics featured in recent issues of Medicare Compliance & Reimbursement:-

  • OIG Sets Sights on E/M Services, Place of Service Coding
  • Get expert advice to weigh the pros and cons before adding an NPP and avert audit and OIG enforcement.
  • Get the skinny on enrolment specifications to avoid giving away services.
  • Learn how to build well-oiled billing and collections program.
  • Understand advanced beneficiary notifications and rules.
  • Understand the 5-year look back period for review of payments.
  • Revise Your Reporting Strategy To Deal With These OPPS Changes in 2014.
  • Make sure your compliance plan meets ACA requirements. Know what the ACA says about compliance programs
  • Recovery Audit Contractors: Brush up on five high-error areas and stay out of the RACs’ field of vision.
  • Know and learn to translate Stark Law to your providers.
  • Get the inside scoop on CMS and MAC critical care documentation guidelines.
  • Does your docs’ F2F documentation include an explanation of clinical findings? Here’s what will bring you denials.
  • Understand these protocols to master your Medicare secondary claims issues.
  • Claim denials: Brace for intensified scrutiny of ‘G’ modifiers.
  • Don’t let MUEs sabotage your claims.
  • Know common misconceptions which may cost your critical care pay severely.
  • Maximize your income: Know when to bill same-day E/M encounters.
  • And much more…

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