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Evelyn Link.

"I love them! They offer good information in an easy to understand format."

Jessica Carriveau CPC, CCC, Coder, Wisconsin.

"I love everything about the Cardiology Coding Alert. I think you cover a lot of pertinent topics and don't know if there's really anything that needs to be improved on. It always seems like there's a good mix of Cardio, Interventional Radiology, Electrophysiology for the most part. I would like to keep seeing stuff on all those topics. I like the ICD-10 tidbits that have been in every issue lately that cover a certain popular Cardiology-related ICD-9 code and talk about how it will be different when ICD-10 goes into place.

I would say keep up the good work!"

Wondering How to Gear Up for ICD-10 Code Changes?

Prepare yourself with this convenient resource and banish all your coding woes

The coming year will introduce a vast sea of code changes for every practice and will surely leave you in a major coding dilemma. It is highly essential that you keep yourself prepared and updated to face all the coding and billing challenges coming your way to keep your practice compliant and on-track!

Don’t just correct, perfect your ICD-10 coding skills with this useful resource. Get to know all the ICD-10 codes you'll use in place of your commonly used ICD-9 codes with the help of these effective resources:

  • ICD-10 Coding Alert - Get everything you need to know to implement ICD-10 successfully in your practice. ICD-10 Coding Alert will provide you practical ICD-10 training strategies, easy-to-understand ICD-10 coding information, questions and answers to ramp up your ICD-10 coding, specific examples to help you apply the coding fundamentals, news & updates.

  • ICD-10 Coder - Ensure a smooth transition to ICD-10 with accuracy and ease. Get all the latest updates in one power-packed tool that will include ICD-10 Coding Alert, ICD-10 Bridges and also get an opportunity to earn 38 AAPC-Approved CEUS and 5 AHIMA-Approved CEUS.

  • ICD-10 Bridge - You can easily learn the ICD-10 codes you'll use in place of your commonly used ICD-9 codes with SuperCoder's two ICD-10 code mappers - ICD-10 GEMs and Approximation-logic. Prepare for all the upcoming coding changes conveniently and ensure profitability and compliance for your specialty.

  • Say goodbye to all your coding dilemmas by mastering the ICD-10 codes and keep your practice profitable and compliant!