With the health care industry on edge and ready to jump into the ICD-10 transition, now is a critical time for your organization to start the education process. You need to be certain your training is on-target, so you aren’t caught up in any surprises when ICD-10 becomes effective.

You often spend a lot of time looking for various solutions from various coding sources. But why waste time when TCI offers you everything under one roof. Here, you will find customized solutions that can save you time, denials and audits while you transition to ICD-10.

Online lessons on ICD-10 basics, anatomy and pathophysiology, and top specialty diagnoses.

Monthly ICD-10 coding news, strategies, examples and insight from The Coding Institute editors.

In-depth ICD-10 specialty coverage by AHIMA ICD-10 trainers - available in over 30 specialties!

Up-to-date, accurate and affordable ICD-10-CM charts available in 30 specialties.

ICD-10 implementation training seminars/conferences by country's top ICD-10 experts!

Straightforward online lookup for ICD-10-CM codes with ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM crosswalk.

Easy to use online tools, crosswalks and monthly ICD-10 coverage on one page!

ICD-10-PCS lookup with inpatient coding tools, crosswalks and practical advice every month.

Two mappers based on GEM and approximation logic – includes ICD-9 to ICD-10 Superbill converter.

Complete ICD-10-CM code set with authentic descriptions.

CMS and Approximation mappings for simple conversion to ICD-10-CM

The latest CMS-released ICD-10-PCS code set - with additional features!

Entire ICD-10-CM code set, official guidelines, conventions, updated tables, practical tips and an official index.

Complete draft ICD-10-PCS codeset in 16 sections arranged by general procedure type, official guidelines, and medical terminology.

Step-by-step ICD-10 coding guidance from AHIMA ICD-10 trainers in one cost-effective handbook.

Special report for home health covering brief history of ICD-10 codeset, structure, crosswalk, major diagnosis coding categories & more.

Complete coverage on ICD-10 codes, guidelines, GEMs and documentation for Gastroenterology - written by experts!

On-target coverage to overcome specific ICD-10 coding and documentation challenges for Ob-Gyn.

Complete coverage on ICD-10 codes, guidelines, GEMs and documentation for Orthopedics

Practical insight on ICD-10 codes, guidelines, GEMs and documentation for Radiology.

Complete coverage on ICD-10 codes, guidelines, GEMs and documentation for Urology.