2014 SuperCoder Illustrated for Gastroenterology

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GI Endoscopy and Esophagoscopy Services comprise major changes for CPT® 2014. Wondering how to stay on track to the changes to code correctly and keep the payments coming in?

Get ready to rewrite your gastroenterology coding with SuperCoder Illustrated for Gastroenterology 2014. We will help you get a complete understanding of new gastroenterology coding changes and provide other valuable information to make your specialty coding easier and more efficient than ever. This handy book contains a wealth of information covering coder-designed illustrations, out-of-date codes and their corresponding updates, CCI edits and lots of other specialty-specific information.

Take a look at what you get with the 2014 Illustrated Book for Gastroenterology:

  • ICD-9 & ICD-10 CrossReference tools
  • Up-to-date ICD-9 and CPT® procedure codes
  • Easy-to-read lists of comprehensive CCI edits to protect payments
  • Global period indicators so you capture every legitimate E/M
  • Medicare physician fee data to plug revenue drains
  • Improved coding accuracy with easy-to-understand Lay Terms and Coding Tips

This exclusive compilation of gastroenterology procedure codes will not only assist you to be an efficient and accurate coder but also help your practice to flourish.!