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Barbara Dagney, practice manager, Conn..

"I would never have an office go without it,” she says. “It’s not worth not joining for the price. I totally swear by it. It is fantastic. I would take anything else, and I would tell people to stuff it. I’ve read these things from beginning to end, and we always look forward to the next one out."

Becky Baker.

"The publications are very informative and helpful with billing. I especially like the You Be the Coder section and that it is specialty specific."

2014 SuperCoder Illustrated for Vascular Surgery

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 2014 SuperCoder Illustrated for Vascular Surgery



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Product Description

Struggling with day-to-day vascular CPT® coding challenges like deciphering codes for endovascular repair of visceral aorta or assigning AAA repair codes?

Now there’s a medical coding book that will boost your vascular coding accuracy while ethically increasing revenue. SuperCoder Illustrated for Vascular Surgery 2014 gives coders all the essential information they need on top-used vascular codes. Simply look up a vascular surgery CPT® code numerically to get a mini digest of the code, its official descriptor, and Medicare details. Plus, gain further insight with illustrations and practical coding tips written by certified coding experts.

This solid spiral-bound vascular surgery coding book cuts costs and research time with these great benefits:

  • ICD-9 & ICD-10 CrossReference tools
  • Up-to-date ICD-9 and CPT® procedure codes
  • Easy-to-read lists of comprehensive CCI edits to protect payments
  • Global period indicators so you capture every legitimate E/M
  • Medicare physician fee data to plug revenue drains
  • Improved coding accuracy with easy-to-understand Lay Terms and Coding Tips

Start accessing Vascular CPT® Codes faster and stay away from denials by grabbing a copy of SuperCoder Illustrated for Vascular Surgery 2014!